Publisher´s Contact Informations and Important User´s Notices
(Only document in German has legal relevance)
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Nikolaus Warkentin
Weißdornstr. 3
D-53340 Meckenheim

Phone: +49 2225-7055781
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Content Management: Nikolaus Warkentin
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It is not permitted without authorization in written form to copy, to use and to publish articles pictures and documents (even extracts) dispayed on - unless otherwise is specified. If layout or some content of our pages unintentionally violate copyrights of third parties we ask for an information without measures that would cause charges. We will remove the legitimately claimed passages without any objections that could entail some legal relevant actions. We will reject any costs that were caused without our approval and without contacting us first.

Personal Information Disclaimer

Personal informations base on self-reported information details of each user. Publisher is not able and he doesn´t inspect the informations for correctness and completeness. We cannot take liability for any possible damages or inconveniences that could result from personal contact with other users. Publisher cannot guarantee seriousness, identity and behavior of each registered user. Contents of this resource are selected with great care. Publisher assumes no responsibility for the correctness, completeness and relevance of content. The use of available content occurs at the own risk of the user. Published articles and posts reflect the opinion of each author and not necessarily the point of view of the publisher.
External Link Disclaimer

We inspect contents of pages we are linking to but we don´t identify with their contents. For contents of the linked pages are their publishers responsible. Publisher is not liable for contents, accuracy, legality and bug-free operation of other publishers´ web sites that are linked at his internet resource. The calls of such sites through a link occur at the own risk of user. Publisher makes contents behind references in no way his own ones.

Risk Warning is an open resource on the world wide web. Every user able to send and receive e-m@ils can register here and create a personal ad page. Publisher doesn´t identificate registering users by names and places of residence. Due to this fact there is always some risk to arrange dates and take up relationships with other users. can not guarantee that user´s personal informations in deed reflect what each user intends and who he makes believe to be. Unfortunately there were some accidents in the past that make some precautions seem to be recommendable.

Liability for Contents and Disorders

Publisher is not liable for contents and programs that are distributed on his resource due to cyber attacks, or for damages resulting from them. Unless such damages are caused by publisher or his agents deliberately or through gross negligence. This applies to all types of damage, especially damage caused by errors, delays or interruptions in transmission, or problems with technical equipment, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data, viruses or damages that may occur in any other way during the use of this online service. Publisher is not liable for disruptions in access due to force majeure or even those which are beyond his conrtrol possibility, especially for breakdown of communication networks. Publisher does not warrant that the web resource will work uninterrupted and bug-free or that possible bugs will be corrected in shortest time.
General Terms of Use and Conditions of Services
(Only document in German has legal relevance)
MediaServ (further "publisher") provides on the internet site a resource for informaition, communication, contacts and dating of people seeking dates and contacts on the web. Publisher gives the visitors (further "users") exclusively on the base of these terms of service and user´s notices above access to internet resource Use under the following terms of service is call and usage of the internet site, upload and download of data or informations and other ways of using data, products and services of the internet resource

§ 1 Services And Contents

The most contents are available for every user in the open area of the online dating site 50aktiv. For a passive use no sign in is required. Every user can search for dating personal ads of registered users on For using contents and services of the 50aktiv resource in an active way a registration and sign in of user are required. User must have the minimum age of 18 years.

When sending the registration form data a use agreement between user and publisher is concluded. The agreement is concluded for indefinite time and can be terminated after 30 days by both parties with immediate effect. Termination shall be effected by simple removal of the corresponding registration in the user´s account by one of the parties. Publisher is entitled to reject the conclusion of the agreement and to remove the registration of the user if he believes this would comply with objective interest. User must not be informed about it. Registration is anonymous. During the registration user has to specify his valid e-m@il address which is able to receive messages. For security reasons publisher sends to user an activation link in a message. User has to click the link to activate his registration. User has to specify his date of birth during the registration, so his age can be always currently computed for his personal ad. User has to define a Username and Password in order to enter later his personal area. Publisher is not liable for inserted characters, which can be easily guessed by others in simple combinations. User must create a personal page to be able to contact other users. His personal ad is displayed on the internet worldwide.

§ 2 Upload of Images and Text Contents

When uploading photographs user agrees that they can openly be shown - even combined with advertising. Pictures have to be uploaded in compliance with copyright. User must own all rights to uploaded images. Only such images in which the user himself is clearly visible in the foreground are allowed. Publisher shall ensure that the uploaded image is cut to fit authorized and published in the user´s profile. Group photos and indecent images will be rejected as well as photos where publisher has a suspicion that rights of third parties could be injured by the publication. When uploading user must insure his rights to the photo and takes full responsibility within the meaning of copyright. Self-edited text content can be uploaded to cusomize personal page. User must be author of this work. doesn´t restrict the theme circle that could be used for customizing profile pages. Though text content should have the purpose to tell some more about user, his environment and traits of desired partner. Self-edited content requires authorization.
§ 3 Use of Free Services

All basic tools such as publishing personal page, providing contact possibilities, collecting visitor statistics are on principle free. Every user with a valid personal page can take advantage of free Services without limitations. Desired service has to be enabled by user if necessary before it can be used. In cases when authorization by publisher is required services can only be used after publisher´s approval. Publisher is entitled to convert a free service in a chargeable one at any time. Free delivery of such a service to user will be stopped when converting the type of service. Due to no-charges service type user has basically no legal entitlements to deliveries of this service. Deliveries can occur irregularly. Publisher is entitled to discontinue a service completely or parts of it. User has not to be necessarily informed about it.

§ 4 Chargeable Services

Every User with a valid personal page can take advantage of chargeable services. Price of service, which contains value addes tax of Federal Republic of Germany, is payable in advance. Payment amount and payment method is displayed for user during service set up procedure. By setting up a chargeable service user has to ensure that required amount is credited to publisher′s account before he is able to use benefits of service. If the subject of service is limited to a one-time action then a service is considered to be provided by publisher after this action. Period bound services run out by the end of period. If a booked service is orientated in such way that credits are amortized by taking advantage of single benefits then publisher is obliged to deliver service as long as user´s account has sufficient credit. Publisher has to inform user about account activities. Payed amount has to be consumed by taking advantage of service benefits. When disabling a booked service user will lost irreversible all unspent credits. This is relevant for every user as well when terminating use agreement by removing complete registration. If publisher shall not be able to deliver a service - e. g. due to discontinuation - then user has the right to refund of rest balance. Publisher is entitled to stop service delivery and/or to terminate user agreement by removing user′s registration, provided user doesn′t follow terms of use. Thereby user has no legal entitlements to any refunds of unspent credits.

§ 5 User´s Obligations

User is obliged to use the internet resource only in the scale of intended purposes. As far as during a registration or sign up procedere personal informations of user are required user is obliged to truthful specifications.

It is not allowed to publish phone numbers, e-m@il addresses and personal information of third persons. Personal attacks and sexist or discriminatory comments or calls to violence are not permitted. It is forbidden to annoy other users and to send them spam messages.

Violations of rules lead to removal of user´s registration.
Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Informations
(Only document in German has legal relevance)
Following informations about every user access are temporary stored by default for statistical purposes: visited pages, current IP address, accessing server, referring URL. These informations will be automatically deleted after evaluation. For reasons of safety and service delivery cookies are used on Some advertisements or advertising flashes of other companies can operate with cookies or store user´s access informations. Cookies are in no way programs which can damage a computer but informations which e. g. report to server that this user is authorized to change personal informations. The use of cookies can be prevented in the settings of almost any browser. The functioning of the site is thereby disturbed.

Personal Informations

When registering and creating a personal profile page on personal infomations of the user are required, stored and processed with the purpose of publishing a personal dating advertisement on the internet. The collection of informations has the aim to display a range of personal properties of the user (including photo) to other users looking for a date in order to make a decision whether the user is suitable for them as a partner. To the mandatory informations in the registration belong e-mail address, gender and date of birth as well as indications to the gender and age of the wanted partner. E-mail address is never published openly on the internet. After sending the Registration form, the user receives a message with a confirmation link to the specified e-mail address. Confirmation of his registration via this link is considered as voluntary consent to the processing of his personal informations in the context of the services offered on About it the user is clearly informed in this message. After confirmation, it is up to the user to upload a picture, create a personal profile page and to specify further informations to user´s person such as tallness, hair color, place of residence, marital status, profession etc. Time of registration and last login are stored by default as well. All available user´s informations can be viewed by the user himself in his personal area. Every user must be aware that his personal page informations are displayed on the internet worldwide.
Information Transmissions

Stored informations are basicly never given to third persons or to third countries outside the EU. The data is never transferred to external contractors for processing. Personal data is neither linked to information from other social networks nor is it used to create provider-wide profiles of user behavior on the Internet. The exceptions are public authorities with prime legal regulations, external and internal departments which ensure the fulfillment of the purposes above.

Cancellation of Consent and Deletion

The user may cancel the consent to the processing of his personal data at any time. A message is sufficient to exert the cancellation to the site operator under one of the contact options indicating the registration data (email address, date of birth, user name or password). The site operator will exclude the user´s data from processing after cancellation. Ordered Services will be not delivered. The profile of the user will not be listed in search results. The effected processing prior to the cancellation of consent will not be affected. The legislature has enacted various storage requirements and retention periods. After expiration of these periods, the relevant informations will be routinely deleted. If informations are not affected by this then they will be deleted when purposes above disappear. User can remove his registration and delete all stored informations after minimum term of use agreement of 30 days. The deletion can also be requested formlessly under the contact options of the site provider by indicating the registration data.

Information Security

Informations are stored in a database which is impossible to be accessed without a user ID and a password. Every user must be aware that other internet users can certainly be technically able to avoid all security measures.
Cookies Policy
(Only document in German has legal relevance)
Cookies are nothing more than small text files. They are stored on the user device when a website that uses cookies is loaded into a browser. Some cookies are absolutely necessary for the website to remain functional, others record e.g. data that provides information about user behavior during the session.

Tasks & functions of cookies

Our cookies have different tasks. Necessary cookies: They are essential when using the website and are always set, regardless of the user's consent. For example, a user is identified when he logs in in order to provide him with individual content or to take his personal settings into account. These are mostly data that are only stored for the duration of the session. If the user closes the browser, all cookies are also removed. Performance cookies: They provide more performance as well as advanced functions that offer visitors to the website a better user experience. Occasionally, cookies can be used that document the behavior of the user on the website or the search processes carried out. They can also be retained beyond the end of the session and ensure the user's convenience the next time they visit. Marketing cookies: These cookies contain information that we or integrated third-party services use to provide the user with interest-based content, in particular relevant advertising content. These are primarily cookies from service providers whom we trust. These cookies are only evaluated by the third-party providers and help to make advertisements more efficient. The type of data collected varies from ad network to ad network. If necessary, the device ID, IP address and the advertising code of the user are also recorded. The treatment of the data collected by the third party provider is regulated by the data protection provisions of the service provider.
Current Cookie Settings

Necessary cookies: Information that is essential for the website to function is always stored on the device and is usually deleted after the browser is closed.
Performance cookies: We can set cookies and store data in them that help analyze user behavior on the website. In addition, cookies can be used, which offer the user a better experience with the website and provide extended functions.
Marketing Cookies: We incorporate third-party services on the website, which in turn use cookies to provide users with interest-based content. These are cookies from trusted providers and advertising networks. Information about which data is relevant for the respective provider and how it is evaluated can be found in the data protection regulations of the respective service provider.
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